ESEmu Project

Open Source ElSword Emulator

Create your own ElSword server for LAN party or online gaming community by using an Open Source project.

Original authors:
d3vil401, ProTheJoker, Solace

What it's all about

ESEmu Project is a now Open Source Server Emulator wrote by a bunch of guys, focusing on public online alternative hosting of a game, aka "Private Servers".

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The project is in C and some C++ concepts, because we wanted high-performance and low level memory management

But we didn't really used singletons, because this project version purpose was testing and stress testing and we are silly

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We fully understood the protocol and the cryptography, even if you have to understand it a bit before proceeding with this project

The game is using DES CBC and HMAC MD5, with an initial static key and then the server exchanges new keys with the session packet, we use Crypto++ exactly as the game does.

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We miss some stuff!

The reason the project is Open Source is because we couldn't finish the project, meaning you need to develop some new stuff before you can start creating your server!

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A community forum, so if you have questions you can talk directly with us

As well as sharing your improvements, experience, projects, questions and whatever!

Enter the forum right now!

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